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Promotion: New Analytics and Implications for Retailers and Manufacturers

Promotion: New Analytics and Implications for Retailers and Manufacturers 

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Is CatMan Training Right for You?

If you’re in retail or CPG/FMCG industry, if you're a solution provider (selling software, data and/or solutions to retail), if you are coming back into the workforce, or you just have a keen interest in learning more about retail, yes it is! Regardless of your role (in sales, marketing, category management, retail ops), or how developed or experienced you or your company is in category management, you can benefit from our training in areas like data to insights, strategic thinking, business analysis, presentation & selling skills and retail understanding – from beginner to advanced.

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New to Category Management?

Whether you are new to category management or not, staying relevant and knowledgeable in an always-changing industry takes more than hope. Chances are, you know that a little training will help fill in some knowledge gaps to perform better in your job. Whatever your situation, CMKG has you covered with accredited training that will help you meet your goals.

Our Team

Sue Nicholls started her career at Procter & Gamble, and created CMKG over 14 years ago.  You may have already met Sue through her active involvement in social media.  You will also get to know her as she facilitates many educational student webinars that we run.  Sue has a huge passion and knowledge for category management.

Ty Snaith leads our certified student support team.  You'll get to know him when you are thinking about buying some training but aren't sure where to start. Then when you become a student, he will be your coach if you have a hard time understanding any aspect of your training.  Ty loves to be a jokester and has great connections with many of our students.

Yohanka Gonzalez-MacPhie owns everything related to our state-of-the-art learning management system, and will help you get set up in your new program, teach you how to access your training materials, and help you determine what may be the best training solution for you.  She brings light and laughter to our team and our customers.