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For Retailers

Retailers “own” the category management process, and they need to train their multi-functional teams on how to make more strategic, fact-based decisions for their categories that align to overall corporate strategies and the Retailer's target Shopper.

If you are in any type of retail role - including Category Management, Logistics, Retail Operations, Space Management, Pricing, Private Label - you will benefit from category management training.

Here are some great category management training options for you to consider if you work for a Retailer:

I want to take a full category management learning program:  You can choose from foundational, intermediate or advanced training programs based on your level of experience in category management.

I want to fill in a gap in my professional development:  If you know that there's a specific area - like business insights, presentation development, tactical analysis or category management process - that you don't really understand, filling in these gaps with a few courses could be your best solution.

I don't really know where to start or what my gaps are:  If you want to take some training but aren't sure where to start, we have a 90-minute assessment test to help you identify the gaps in your knowledge.


Make sure you use the online chat if you have any questions - one of our certified CMKG Advisors would be happy to help you!

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