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Training FAQ


Q. What are all of the training products that you offer?

    We have different types of:
    • Training Programs:
    • Courses:
    • Subscriptions:
    • Case Studies:
    • Webinars:

    If you are looking for a group >5 people, please check out our corporate training options too.

    Who is the CMA?

    The CMA stands for the Category Management Association.  They are the organization responsible for developing industry standards and certification in category management.  Their website is http://catman.global/

    Is CMKG part of the CMA?

    No we are not part of the CMA.  CMKG is an accredited training company that has been accredited by the CMA, but we have no business partnership or affiliation with them.  CMA is the certifying board for category management industry certification and standards.

    Does completing CMKG accredited courses provide me with industry certification?

    No it doesn’t, our accredited training courses will build your skills in areas at different levels, which will help you to prepare for completing your CMA certification exams.  Because you need to take an online, proctored exam with the CMA for each level of certification, we also recommend that you purchase our preparatory exam materials (because taking training and writing an exam are two different skills to build).




    Does CMKG offer live training sessions?


    We do offer live training sessions for corporate clients – or groups of >5 people.  But we do not run public sessions that individuals can register for.  We suggest for our corporate clients to include a combination of online training and live training to take advantage of the benefits of both.



    Is there a way that I can demo your training course(s)?

    Yes you can - you can check out the course previews of all of our courses in our YouTube playlist.  Your other option is to request a “free pass” to our Online Training & Resource Center, where you can access a free course and some other great resources / materials.  Click here to request a free pass.   http://info.cmkg.org/category-management-trial-membership .   

    What is the difference between your company (CMKG) and other training providers?

    We have some similarities, but more differences, and we have many advantages over competition, including:

    • more experience as category management practitioners (>40 years experience in catman)
    • better content and longer courses (our courses are 1-4 hours long, while our key competitor's courses are all only 1 hour long)
    • continual development upgrades to reflect the evolving industry
    • best in class student support (including an online chat, email support and phone support by a certified support team)
    • CMKG believes it is up to our students if they want to pursue CMA (Category Management Association) and we DO NOT take any compensation from the CMA for having our students take certification from the CMA unlike some other training companies. 

    In net, we have passion for our clients, our students and category management.  We continue to evolve and learn with our network to ensure that we keep developing new & better content.

    How do you support students as they complete their training?

    We support our students through:

    1. a Live Chat available in the learning center;
    2. E-mail support through an email exclusive to our students; and
    3. through a toll-free phone #. 

    Our support team is comprised of a certified group with a passion for category management and our students are our biggest fans!


    ... we hope you choose CMKG as your training partner!