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CMKG's Training Programs

Choose from a broad range of programs - including category management, certification, marketing, business priority, sales and skill development programs.  These different course groupings give you lots of different options to choose a program that works best for you.

CatMan Program - Level 1 (Beginner/CPCA-Accredited)

This set of foundational courses gives a solid grounding in the catman process, analytics and presentation skills. This program meets all learning requirements for the designation of Certified Professional Category Analyst...


CatMan Program - Level 2 (Intermediate/CPCM-Accredited)

This training program is designed to build category management skills at an intermediate level, including in-depth data and analytics across key data sources and the category tactics.  It includes a...


CatMan Program - Level 3 (Advanced/CPSA-Accredited)

This advanced training program is designed to build skills in areas like shopper and product supply. It includes a set of on-demand courses that gives participants the skills to function...


CatMan Programs - Levels 1+2+3 (CPCA-, CPCM- & CPSA-Accredited)

This category management training program gives you access to all of our accredited category management courses at the Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced levels, plus an additional 6 non-accredited courses. You will...


CatMan Programs - Levels 1+2 (CPCA- & CPCM-Accredited)

This category management training program spans the foundations of Category Management to the intermediate level with a focus on in-depth data and analysis. It's a great program if you have a...


Space Management Program

Space Management Program The courses in this program are divided into four topic areas: CatMan Strategy & Foundations: Online Course 003 – Category Management Overview Online Course 004 – Retailer...