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Sales Training Program

Sales Training Program

This program is intended for Sales Professionals who want to build their skills in areas related to retail understanding and category management, shopper insights, data to insights and presentation skills. Includes an assessment for individuals to take before starting these courses to identify knowledge gaps.

Retail Understanding

  • Category Management Overview
  • Retailer Strategy
  • Retail Economics and the Product Supply Chain

Data & Analytics

  • Understanding and Using Data
  • Category Assessment
  • Category Tactics and Analytics
  • Category Management on Limited Data

Presentations & Storytelling

  • Building PowerPoint & Presentation Skills
  • Fact-Based Selling
  • Developing Data Visualization Skills, Part 1 and 2
  • Moving to More Strategic Presentations Through Storyboarding
  • Strategic Selling
  • Collaborative Business Planning

Staying Relevant

  • Evaluating & Managing Risk in Your Business
  • Nail Your Next Virtual Meeting
  • Creating Category Reviews to Reflect the Omni-Channel
  • Innovative Responses to the Pandemic


  • 1-year membership to CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center via Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices (includes access to our glossary of 1300+ industry terms, library of whitepapers and other online resources
  • Individual student guides and other content (e.g. workshops, subject glossaries, additional materials) for most courses
  • Student Support via email and Live Chat