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Category Management training can help you in any of the following scenarios:

  • "I work for a Solution Provider (selling data, technology, tools, consulting)."  By learning about category management (including the process, strategy and the areas that tie in with the solutions that you sell), you will be able to give better context to how your products will benefit them in a more meaningful way. 
  • "I work for a Broker / Distributor."  Many brokers and distributors call on Retailers on behalf of Manufacturers.  When you work in this relationship, you need to be able to provide category insights and perspective at the right level for your Retail customers.  Category management training can build your skills in presentation development, data and insights and strategic understanding of retailers and the category management process.
  • "I want to get back into the workforce and want to refresh or build my skills." Brushing off your resume by taking an accredited training program from a well known company like CMKG can help you to land that next job.  You could top it off with attaining certification with the Category Management Association once you've completed your certified training program for a resume that stands out from the rest.
  • "I'm a student in a post secondary school looking for advanced learning."  You may find specific courses or skill development training programs that will help you advance your learning if your university curriculum leaves a few gaps in your understanding. Don't forget to ask us for our special student rates (50% off all courses and programs - you need to provide us with student ID or proof that you are a full-time student in a post secondary school).

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Happy learning!

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