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Annual Learning Subscription

Future-proof your career by keeping current and upgrade your skills the easy way. The Annual Learning Subscription includes 12-month access to CMKG’s online Training & Resource Center — the perfect way...


Category Management Program - Level 1 (Beginner-Accredited)

This set of foundational courses gives a solid grounding in the category management process, analytics and presentation skills. This program meets all learning requirements for the designation of Certified Professional Category...


Category Management Program - Level 2 (Intermediate-Accredited)

This training program is designed to build category management skills at an intermediate level, including in-depth data and analytics across key data sources and the category tactics.  It includes a...


Category Management Programs - Levels 1+2 (Foundational + Intermediate-Accredited)

This category management training program spans the foundations of Category Management to the intermediate level with a focus on in-depth data and analysis. It's a great program if you have a...


Category Management Program - Level 3 (Advanced-Accredited)

This advanced training program is designed to build skills in areas like shopper and product supply. It includes a set of on-demand courses that gives participants the skills to function...


Category Management Programs - Levels 1+2+3 (Foundational + Intermediate + Advanced-Accredited)

This category management training program gives you access to all of our accredited category management courses at the Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced levels. You will have 1 year to complete these courses....


Category Management Program - Level 4 (Master’s)

The Category Management Master's Series is a set of 12 virtual courses (recorded) with information about CatMan 2.0™ that will impact individuals’ day-to-day and futures role using an updated, advanced...


Sales Training Program

This program is intended for Sales Professionals who want to build their skills in areas related to retail understanding and category management, shopper insights, data to insights and presentation skills....


Space Management Program

Space Management Program The courses in this program are divided into four topic areas: Category Management Strategy & Foundations: Online Course 003 – Category Management Overview Online Course 004 –...