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Category Management Programs - Levels 1+2 (CPCA- & CPCM-Accredited)


Category Management Programs - Levels 1+2 (CPCA- & CPCM-Accredited)

This category management training program spans the foundations of Category Management to the intermediate level with a focus on in-depth data and analysis.

It's a great program if you have a limited background or need a refresher in the foundations, if you want an good general knowledge of category management data and analytics, or if you are seeking certification at the Certified Professional Category Manager (CPCM) level with the Category Management Association (CMA). Download our Certification FAQs PDF  for more information.

This training program is designed to:

  • give you a solid grounding in the category management process, basic assessment and the category tactics
  • build category management skills at an intermediate level, including in-depth data and analytics across key data sources and the category tactics. 

It includes all the courses from both the Foundational / CPCA and the Intermediate / CPCM programs. If you're interested in category management certification, this program will prepare you for the both the CPCA and CPCM accreditation levels with the CMA.

Program Curriculum

  • Category Management Overview
  • Retailer Strategy
  • Category Definition and Segmentation
  • Category Roles
  • Category Strategies
  • Understanding and Using Data
  • Category Assessment
  • Category Tactics and Analytics
  • Category Management on Limited Data
  • Develop and Implement the Category Plan
  • Building PowerPoint and Presentation Skills
  • Building Excel Skills
  • Building Data Competency: Panel Data
  • Building Data Competency: POS Data
  • Measuring Category Health (Baseline & Incremental Drivers)
  • Efficient Assortment: A Step-by-Step Process
  • Pricing Strategies and Analysis Techniques
  • Promotion Analysis Techniques
  • Advanced Analytics: Relativity
  • Fact Based Selling
  • Space Management Fundamentals
  • Store Clustering Through Store Level and Geodemographic Data
  • Retailer Economics and the Product Supply Chain.
  • Also includes our CPCA & CPCM Certification Preparation Materials: CPCA & CPCM practice exams (3 attempts), and "mini-exams" for each learning requirement including feedback by question (2 attempts for each learning requirement).  Note that the CPSA level does not include exam preparation materials as it is an essay-based exam that also considers the candidate's experience.

Program Details

  • Approximately 55-65 hours to complete
  • 365-day Access via CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center
  • No Prerequisites
  • Ongoing student support (Email, Live Chat)

    Note: The Foundational (CPCA) program will be added automatically to your account at time of purchase. It may take 1-2 business days for the other components to be added.

    * Does NOT include any fees associated with CMA registration, examination &/or certification.

    * There are 2 optional Case Studies (1 per level) to enhance the learning experience that can be purchased separately​

    *CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center includes many resources you can use in your day to day role: a Resource Library with whitepapers, articles, tips and tricks, e-books and more; a dynamic Industry Glossary with >300 terms, each with a definition, and formulas and links to other related descriptions.