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Building an Organizational Category Management Structure and Strategy From the Inside Out

Building an Organizational Category Management Structure and Strategy From the Inside Out

According to CatMan 2.0™, interdependent roles should be in the same organization, which means Shopper Insights and Marketing belong within category management. Internal alignment cannot happen if the category management department is separated from the rest of your organization. Participants learn how to unify category and Shopper perspective, strategy, and understanding and how to measure ROI from your more sophisticated category management process and framework.

Clarify how these changes can be incorporated in your organization and the implications by exploring:

  • Organizational design considerations that reflect different types of companies;
  • Ways to increase internal alignment across an organization using a category management framework; and
  • What the future may bring for category management departments to reflect a more advanced and sophisticated approach.

    This is course 10 of 12 in our Category Management Master’s Series. It is available as a recorded video in our learning management system. Course may be purchased individually or as part of the 12-course Category Management Master’s Series (Master’s Course Series).

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    Master’s Course, Individual Purchase $69

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    Master’s Course Series, Individual Purchase $599

    • Access via Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices for 12 months (a new webinar gets added each month)
    • Twelve (12), 60-minute webinar training videos
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    • Online Course Tests
    • Online Series Certificate (upon completion of all online courses and tests)
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