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Assortment: New Shopper-Focused Metrics and Advanced Technologies

Assortment: New Shopper-Focused Metrics and Advanced Technologies

Product assortment is where large amounts of analytic time is spent since products not carried by a retailer can’t sell. Assortment analysis determines how to fit innovation into the product range.

Participants inquire how to use new data sources, technologies, and analytics in advanced assortment, and consider the impact demand-based clustering and assortment.

Learn how to create advanced product assortments with:

  • Actionable ways to incorporate Shopper insights into assortment work;
  • Different data sources and technologies that allow more sophisticated approaches;
  • Understanding of how different assortment strategies impact the product supply chain; and
  • Identification of new metrics for added perspective on ways for you to make better assortment decisions and recommendations for the Shopper.

    This is course 5 of 12 in our Category Management Master’s Series. It is available as a recorded video in our learning management system. Course may be purchased individually or as part of the 12-course Category Management Master’s Series (Master’s Course Series).

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