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Best-in-Class Category Reviews

Best-in-Class Category Reviews

Improve the standards, look and feel of your category reviews with these two 100-minute webinar recordings.  

Category reviews are an essential part of category management. Too often the day-to-day management of a set of categories focuses on tactical moves only but doesn’t consider the overall strategic direction. By “diving in” to a category at least once, through a category review, learners can ensure the achievement of their long-term goals and ensure they are maximizing consumer appeal. In the first instalment of this series, we go over some of the key components of the category review and gets participants’ perspective on improving the process, increasing automation, and what a “best in class” category review would look like. In the second part, we delve further into category review templates (including layouts and key measures) and integrate the learning into some preliminary outlines for future "Category Reviews" that may help participants to improve the ones they develop.

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