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CMKG Master’s Training

Choose the right path for your organization and your role

Together, we will turn the ideas and concepts from CatMan 2.0 into actionable strategies, tactics, and best practices.

It’s easy to choose which training is best for you. Whether you are a practitioner, executive, thought leader or consultant, our CatMan Master’s Training is designed to give you credible information that you can apply to your specific role.

Inform yourself, one topic at a time.

Get yourself or your team ready with topic-based training webinars (live or recorded) that help you apply Catman 2.0 principles through examples, strategies and tips. Impact your day-to-day role using this updated, advanced category management process.

Lead the way, by creating the future.

Understand the big picture of what CatMan 2.0 means for your organization (Retailers, Manufacturers, and Solution Providers) and what it means for the industry’s future.

Join other industry experts, executives, solution providers, and thought leaders in our CatMan Master’s Program a 12-month, collaborative and anonymous social learning environment to learn, discuss, debate, and direct how to implement this advanced approach to category management and the Shoppers its process serves. 

Watch our Intro to CatMan 2.0 and learn where to start.

How can YOU make a difference when the changes are this big?

Do what you can to advance your organization and yourself in 2017.

Major changes have led the Category Management Association to create, in partnership with industry leaders, an updated, more advanced approach to the category management process called CatMan 2.0™. But moving from concepts described in the paper to day-to-day action is difficult.

Be part of the the change.

As a leader in the Category Management training industry, we see the possibilities in the pages of the CMA’s white paper, but we also hear confusion and uncertainty from Retailers, Manufacturers, Solution Providers, and Universities. Discarding the status quo and adopting new best practices seems unreachable.

Things are going to continue to change, and without exploring the ways to move your team to a more sophisticated approach based on the advancements as described in CatMan 2.0, you will get left behind.

Know what you need to plan for change.

To ensure your team stays relevant and up-to-date on a more advanced category management approach, you’ll need a plan on how to make it happen in 2017 regardless of whether you are a Retailer, Manufacturer or Solution Provider.


How will I adapt?

The Category Management Association’s whitepaper reflects changes in category management over the past 25+ years. Changes will not happen overnight and without collaboration.

How will I keep pace with the industry?

By adopting more advanced approaches to category management in small and/or large ways. Remember, this new approach doesn’t replace existing category management foundations, but expands on the more advanced approaches that are necessary to reflect the changing Shopper, data & technology, digital media and changing industry.

Where can I get the summary of what’s included?

CatMan Master’s Training is only available from CMKG. It’s all new content is designed to reflect the evolving nature of our industry and includes educational, informational, collaborative, and strategic aspects for Retailers, Manufacturers, and Solution Providers.

How can I compete at a higher level?

Game-changing innovations require a new approach to category management. Retailers, Manufacturers and Solution Providers need to work together to find the best strategies, partners, and solutions to our increasingly complex industry and needs of the Shopper.

Don’t worry about the future … take action and get ready.

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