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Individual Assessment

Individual Assessment

This 90-minute assessment will help you determine where you should start your learning journey. 

Use this free assessment from CMKG to assess your knowledge against industry standards — whether you want to improve your on-the-job performance or grow into the next challenge. Your results will be sent immediately to the email address you provide. Then, as a follow-up, you’ll also receive feedback on your next career move from a learning expert at CMKG. 

Your results will never be shared with anyone except you and a learning expert at CMKG.

Please use a corporate, business or institutional email address to request this assessment.Your enrollment will be under that address but you may still access the assessment from any computer.

Purchase Details

  • 90-minute timed assessment with 140 questions
  • Personal feedback on your results from Sue Nicholls (CMKG) with custom recommendations on where to start your learning journey

Price:   FREE

Access term: ONE WEEK (7 days)