Category Management Training Needs Assessment Test

Category Management Training Needs Assessment Test

This exam will help you identify your knowledge gaps across all requirements in category management so we can create a custom program for you based on your specific knowledge gaps.

60 to 90 min exam with questions that span across  28 Accredited Courses and all 3 certification levels
Time Required: Approximately 60–90 minutes
Prerequisites: None

This online category management training needs assessment test contains 100 multiple choice questions that span across all accredited course content, which makes it an excellent tool to identify your knowledge gaps. Once completed, you will receive a report that captures your results and identifies the skill areas you should focus your raining on.

Based on your results and your training and/or certification goals, a certified professional from CMKG will work with you to create a custom program that caters to your specific needs.

You can take the test after taking training as well, to document your knowledge increase and with it, quantify the return on your training investment. 

Purchase Details

  • 30-day Access to our Online Training and Resource Center via Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices,
  • Student Support while completing the test (Email, Live Chat),
  • A detailed report with the results and suggested learning path.