Marketing Category Management Training Program: Marketing Mix Remix

Marketing Category Management Training Program: Marketing Mix Remix

This marketing category management training program is for individuals who are on Marketing or Brand teams who are looking for in-depth approaches to analyze the category tactics (or marketing mix) from a category management perspective.

5 Courses Included: Category Tactics and Analytics; Efficient Assortment: A Step-by-Step Process; Pricing Strategies and Analysis Techniques; Promotion Analysis Techniques; Space Management Fundamentals.
Prerequisites: None
Time Required: Approximately 12 hours


The category tactics - or "marketing mix" - drives category and brand sales for retailers and manufacturers.  Learn how to analyze each of the tactics from a category perspective to build your marketing mix with clear understanding of total category and consideration for the retailer.

You will build your understanding of the 4 tactics, including their definition, key measures, basic analytics, and impact on consumer purchase decisions. The first course provides an overview of the tactics from a retailer perspective.

The other 4 courses dive deeper into each tactic, including consideration for retail strategies, key data sources, measures and analytics.  This includes:

1.  Promotion is a key driver of incremental sales, as well as a point of differentiation for retailers. You will learn what promotion means for retailers, including how retailer promotion planning and execution is completed.  Next, promotional analysis is covered including incrementality, promotional price, ad space and positioning, display support, seasonality and competition.

2. Pricing has a significant impact on sales and profit for retailers.  This course starts with a review of retailer strategies that relate to pricing, including price setting definitions, and price rules for the retailer. The second half of the course captures a variety of advanced pricing analytic techniques, including breakeven point, correlation and price regression, activity based costing and slope.

3. Efficient assortment ties in with innovation and new product listings.  You will learn about retailer assortment strategies, followed by the steps to complete a manual assortment project, which will give you better perspective on how to incorporate consideration for assortment analytics and strategies into your new product launches.

4. Space management is where all category and brand plans come to life - on the shelf.  You will learn about different retailer shelf strategies. Next, you will learn important inputs that are required to complete successful space management projects.

Understanding the tactics from a retailer perspective will help marketers to better define their own marketing mix opportunities.

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  • 365-day Access via  CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center, including individual course Hands-On Workshops, Downloadable Notes & Reference Guides, Knowledge Checks, and Course Tests. Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices compatible. 
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*CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center includes many resources you can use in your day to day: a Resource Library with whitepapers, articles, tips and tricks, e-books and more; a dynamic Industry Glossary with >300 terms, each with a definition, formulas and links to other related descriptions; and 6 Student Webinars per year in topics suggested / chosen by students.