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Advanced Retailer Understanding Skill Development Training Program


Advanced Retailer Understanding

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This accredited skill development training program build proficiency in understanding Retailer's business goals and objectives.

 Understanding a Retailer’s income statement, product supply measures, and the product supply chain will give you new perspective that you can apply to future decisions and recommendations that you make.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of retail strategy through an analysis of the income statement, including how Category Managers influence the income statement (through sales and cost of goods sold).
  • Develop (or build) retail math skills and learn how these measures have an influence on the retailer’s income statement.
  • Hone your skills on inventory management and how this ties in with the larger product supply chain.

Program Curriculum

  • Retailer Economics and the Product Supply Chain
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management 

Program Details

  • Approximately 6 hours required to complete
  • No Prerequisites

Purchase Details

  • 90-day Access via CMKG’s Online Training and Resource Center, including individual course Hands-On Workshops, Downloadable Notes & Reference Guides, Knowledge Checks, and Course Tests.
  • Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Device compatible. 
  • Ongoing student support (Email, Live Chat)
*CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center includes many resources you can use in your day to day: a Resource Library with whitepapers, articles, tips and tricks, e-books and more; a dynamic Industry Glossary with >300 terms, each with a definition, formulas, and links to other related descriptions.