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My Choice Category Management

Whether you are new to category management or not, staying relevant and knowledgeable in an always-changing industry takes more than hope. Chances are, you know that a little training will help fill in some knowledge gaps to perform better in your job.

Whatever your situation, CMKG has you covered with certified training that will help you meet your goals.  And flexible payment options for those who may be a little tight on funds.

  • Monthly Subscription Options:  Choose from "on-demand" learning options (where you can purchase a course each monthly fee or purchase one course at a time!).
  • Become a Member:  Stay current & connected through this monthly subscription that will help you stay up to date on all things new and trendy in category management without breaking your budget.
  • Certification Preparation Exams & Materials:  In order to get certified, you need to take an exam with the CMA.  To prepare, you need to not only be trained, but you also need materials to help you prepare and study for your exams.
  • Assessment Tools:  Learn where your knowledge is at by taking an assessment test.  Then we can help you determine the best training program / approach to bridge your knowledge gaps.
  • Webinars:  Join us in some topic-based webinar recordings for educational learning in "hot" category-management related topics.
  • Case Studies:  Supplement your training program with a category management case study for enhanced learning.