Category and Business Insights 2

Category and Business Insights 2


Category and Business Insights 2 Program Details

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Develop your skills at a more advanced level of category analytics when you’re ready to move to concepts like baseline & incremental sales and analytic thresholds

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Complete health checks on your categories/brands are truly necessary to understand the big picture perspective of overall performance. This includes an in-depth understanding of consumer trends, the economy, competitive environment, and each tactic. A deep understanding will highlight strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your categories or brands that may not be apparent from a topline look at the data.

If you are looking for an introduction to this topic, consider purchasing Category and Business Insights 1.

In Category and Business Insights 2, you will:

  • Look across multiple data sources, with an emphasis on baseline and incremental sales, to move to a more strategic understanding of your business
  • Understand the key drivers for each of baseline and incremental to more effectively analyze the category tactics and understand their impact on category and brand results
  • Consider different data perspectives and views of the data
  • Learn about relationships between different data dimensions and how to correlate the insights into a highly effective, multi-dimensional view of category or brand results 

Program Curriculum

  • Measuring Category Health (Baseline & Incremental Drivers)
  • Advanced Analytics: Relativity

Program & Purchase Details

  • Approximately 5 hours to complete
  • Prerequisites: Category and Business Insights 1 (or experience in basic category analysis techniques)
  • 365-day Access via CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center
  • Includes individual courses’ Hands-On Workshops, Downloadable Notes & Reference Guides, Knowledge Checks, and Tests
  • Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices compatible
  • Ongoing student support (Email, Live Chat)