Category and Business Insights 1

Category and Business Insights 1


Category and Business Insights 1 Program Details

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Build your skills in the foundations of completing category analysis to turn data into insights and then insights into action through the category tactics 

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Learning how to turn data into insights and insights into action can be done in simple yet powerful ways — a truly important skill for sales, marketing, and category management professionals.

Once you complete this program, consider advancing to Category and Business Insights 2.

In Category and Business Insights 1, you will:

  • Learn how to complete a basic category assessment, including how to drill down through subcategories and brands for key insights
  • Identify some of the most important measures related to growth, shares and key benchmarks
  • Analyze the tactics to understand the key drivers of your business and determine how to turn your insights and opportunities into action
  • Learn some of the most common calculations for each tactic

Program Curriculum

  • Completing a Category Assessment
  • Category Tactics & Analytics

Program & Purchase Details

  • Approximately 4 hours to complete
  • No prerequisites
  • 365-day Access via CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center
  • Includes individual courses’ Hands-On Workshops, Downloadable Notes & Reference Guides, Knowledge Checks, and Tests
  • Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices compatible
  • Ongoing student support (Email, Live Chat)