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Consumer and Shopper Analytics and Insights
Consumer and Shopper Analytics and Insights


Consumer and Shopper Analytics and Insights

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This program builds your skills in the area of shopper understanding, with a focus on the retailer's shopper and approaches to market to their shopper.

 Understanding the Shopper is a priority for most Retailers and Suppliers. By building these skills, you will learn to consider different approaches to understand and reach the Shopper, ultimately creating more effective solutions that result in Shopper satisfaction. 

Your program starts by teaching you how to use store level data to evaluate category performance and in store execution, and how to create store clusters and measure before/after performance. Next you will learn how to effectively use geodemographic and behavioral data by products and retailers, to identify product demand by store and zip or postal code. 

This is followed by learning the big picture of shopper marketing works, and the strategies and plans required to be successful with Shopper.  “Path to purchase”, shopper trip missions, and shopper segmentation are covered. You will then learn about in-store marketing to shoppers across different stimuli.

Following this, you will learn how in-store marketing fits into the larger "shopper marketing" umbrella and the importance of tying in consistent messaging along the path to purchase.  Finally, you learn how to improve in-store advertising and marketing through a 6-step approach.

Program Curriculum

  • Store Clustering Through Store Level and Geodemographic Data
  • Understanding and Marketing to Your Shopper
  • In-Store Marketing Overview: The Basics
  • 6 Steps to Create Effective In-Store Materials.

Program Curriculum

  • Approximately 6 hours to complete
  • No prerequisites

Purchase Details

  • 90-day Access via  CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center, including individual course Hands-On Workshops, Downloadable Notes & Reference Guides, Knowledge Checks, and Course Tests. Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices compatible. 
  • Ongoing student support (Email, Live Chat)
    *CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center includes many resources you can use in your day to day: a Resource Library with whitepapers, articles, tips and tricks, e-books and more; a dynamic Industry Glossary with >300 terms, each with a definition, and formulas and links to other related descriptions.